Hunting retroactive on zkSync ecosystem with the ZigZag exchange

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What is ZigZag Exchange?

ZigZag is a decentralized non-custodial order book exchange, powered by zk-rollups. This allows our users to seamlessly and securely trade with near-zero fees all while providing centralized exchange like quotes on all size trades.

Retroactive Guide

Step 1: Connect Metamask with ZigZag Exchange:

Step 2: Go to the Bridge section on the left corner of the screen to transfer token from another network to zkSync. Several networks available: Polygon, Ethereum.

Step 3: Go back to Trade and start buying tokens as you like on CEX exchanges (Binance, FTX…). Includes two types of order placement: Limit and Market.

Step 4: Make more than 7 trades with a total recommended volume of over $1000.


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