Retroactive Guide: DEX SuiSwap on Sui Blockchain

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1. What is Sui Blockchain?

Sui is the first permissionless Layer 1 blockchain designed from the ground up to enable creators and developers to build experiences that cater to the next billion users in web3.

2. What is Suiswap?

Suiswap is first swap platform on Sui blockchain.

3. Retroactive Guide: 

Step 1: Go to:, Click 'Enter App' and Connect your wallet

Step 2: Swap Token

  • Choose "Sui" and "tSWP" and press 'SWAP' and approve transaction
  • Then it's the other way around,choose "tSWP" and "Sui" and press 'SWAP'

Step 3: Adding liquidity to the pool

At the bottom, look for a pool, press 'Deposit' and add any number of tokens "Sui" and "tSWP", approve transaction

Step 4: Taking tokens from the pool

Go to 'Positions' press "Harvest" and approve transaction

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