Retroactive Guide for Fibrous: DEX Aggregator that offers best swap rates on StarkNet

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What is Fibrous?

Fibrous is a DEX Aggregator that offers the best swap rates on StarkNet validity Rollup. 

Fibrous scans all liquidity across all AMMs of StarkNet and finds best rates for you. 


Fibrous is not a traditional AMM. No liquidity is provided to Fibrous. Fibrous is just a tool that finds optimal routing across all AMMs of StarkNet. With Fibrous, you don’t need to search for the best Liquidity and price for your tokens between different StarkNet AMMs.

Steps to test


  • Connect your StarkNet Wallet to Fibrous App interface.
  • After logging into our application interface with your StarkNet Wallet, make sure that your wallet is connected to the StarkNet Goerli Testnet.
  • Now, you need to mint some test tokens to swap on Fibrous. Click the Mint button on top. Wait mint transaction to confirmed on StarkNet Goerli. (This action may take time as indicated above.)

  • Once minting process is completed, you are ready to swap on Fibrous. Just swap your tokens across 2 AMM’s and 5 different pools that we created for you with a single tap.



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