zkSync x MES Protocol Testnet - Step by step instructions for participation.

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About zkSync

zkSync is an open-source Layer-2 blockchain that eliminates Ethereum’s costly gas fees, scaling constraints, and performance barriers using zero-knowledge proofs. Built by a distributed team of leading cryptographers and engineers, zkSync is designed to unlock the full potential of blockchain technology while scaling the core values of Ethereum. Bootstrapped by initial funding from the Ethereum Foundation, zkSync has powered over 10 million transactions, fuels major web3 applications including Argent and Gitcoin, and recently launched the first EVM compatible zero-knowledge rollup allowing developers to deploy general-purpose applications written in Solidity.

About MES Protocol

MES Protocol is the next generation DEX — it is an orderbook-based DEX built on zk-rollups, which allows users on the zk-rollup ecosystem to enjoy a CEX trading experience. CEX offers intuitive trading experience and various trading functions that are missing on an AMM DEX. MES Protocol brings CEX experience to a DEX; users enjoy security from Ethereum L1, at the same time the high throughput in low cost from L2 rollups.

Let’s start testing the platform

Step 1: For the testnet, you need the network "Zksync Alpha Testnet", you can download it through this website: https://chainlist.org/.

Step 2: You make a request for test broadcasts in the faucet, having previously registered.

Step 3: Make a request for test tokens through this portal

Step 4: We go to the site: https://app.mesprotocol.com/spot/ETH_USDT and connect the wallet.

Step 5: Put ethers on the trading account, do it one by one as shown in the screenshot.

Step 6: Sell ETH, Buy USDT and in the reverse order. Try to change functions, sell 25% on the "market" and 50% on the "limit", create/cancel orders, place buy and sell orders.

Step 7: This testnet is over, to be continued after adding new features and trading pairs, stay tuned.

I hope that the team will reward us well in the future!

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